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China Compact Centrifuges manufacturer
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Compact Centrifuges & Microcentrifuges

About Us
We, Shanghai Lixinjian Centrifuge Co., Ltd. are a company manufacturing and specialized for more than 20 years in production of centrifuges at competitive prices. We are located in Shanghai City. We have a strong ...
Factory Tour
1. the out look of factory 2. the workshop (1) 3. workshop (2) 4. workshop(2) 5. workshop (2) 3. workshop(3) 3. workshop 3 (our big euipment A) 3. workshop 3 (our big euipment B digital controlled lathe) 3. workshop 3 ...
Quality Control
We are CE,ISO, SFDA Certified. OEM orders are available.
Contact Us
Address : Suite 309, No.33, XiYa Rd., China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.
Business Phone :
86-021-57169938(Working time)
86-133-91133350(Nonworking time)
Fax : 86-021-57169968